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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is BeautyBar located?

We're located at 226 E Las Tunas Drive, in the beautiful city of San Gabriel, on the Southwest corner of Las Tunas Dr and St Francis St, and perpendicular to the San Gabriel Country Club.

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What are your business hours?

Our team of professionals is available Monday through Saturday, 9:00am to 6:00pm. The earliest appointment time we offer is 9:00am, while the latest appointment availability varies depending on the specific service required.

Monday 9am-6pm

Tuesday 9am-6pm

Wednesday 9am-6pm

Thursday 9am-6pm

Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday Closed

Where do I park when I arrive?

We provide free parking in the lot located behind our standalone building, enter on St Francis St. Feel free to park in any designated BeautyBar spot, or in any unmarked spot not reserved for our neighboring businesses. There is also 2-hour parking on Las Tunas Dr and St Francis Dr.

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Do you accept debit cards?

We accept all credit cards and debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cash.

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Do you accept walk-ins?

We value the unique needs and preferences of each guest, so we operate on an appointment-only basis to ensure a personalized and unforgettable experience.

How do I book an appointment?

We're available 9am-6pm to help you over the phone and available 24 hours via text, our text replies may be slow when afterhours. Call or text (626) 699-8994, or conveniently book online.

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What are some helpful tips when booking my appointment?

Here are some simple steps to ensure your booking experience is smooth and easy:

Prepare Before Contacting Us:

  • Choose your preferred day and time for your appointment and have a backup option just in case.

  • Decide which main service(s) you want to book.

  • If you have a preference for a specific nail technician or artist, let us know. Otherwise, we'll match you with the next available specialist.

  • If you're unsure about add-ons like nail art or callus treatment, it's better to include them in your booking. You can always remove them later if needed. But remember, adding them later might not be possible due to availability.

Booking Your Appointment:

  • Reach out to us through a call or text | (626) 699-8994.

  • Share your preferred day, time, main service(s), and any add-ons you're interested in.

  • For first-time customers, a 50% deposit is required to secure your appointment.

Nail Art Designs:

  • If you want a specific nail art design, send us a photo of it via text to (626) 699-8994.

  • This helps us match you with an artist who can bring your desired design to life.

Preferred Technician/Artist:

  • If you have a favorite nail tech or artist, tell us when you book. We'll make sure to schedule you with them upon request.

  • We won't change appointments booked with a specific technician or artist without your consent, as we value your preferences.

Multiple Services:

  • If you're booking multiple services like a manicure and pedicure, you can choose to have them done consecutively or simultaneously by different technicians. Concurrent appointments are only available when booking by phone or text.

Confirmation and Communication:

  • Once your appointment is scheduled, we'll send you email and text confirmations.

  • Confirming your appointment means you're committed to the date and time. If we don't hear from you, we might release the slot for other clients.

By following these steps, you'll have a hassle-free booking process, and we'll be able to provide you with the best service tailored to your preferences.

Is there anything I should know before I arrive for my appointment?

Here are a few things to consider before arriving for your appointment.

When you arrive at BeautyBar, you'll be greeted with a smile. Although returning a smile is optional, we highly recommend it! Our objective is to spread happiness and positivity to all our clients. With that said, we have a zero-tolerance policy against rude and belligerent behavior.

While you are welcome to use your phone for entertainment during your appointment, we kindly ask that you refrain from talking on the phone so as not to disturb others. If you need to take a call, we ask that you step outside of the salon to do so.

We have two delightful Shih Tzus, Bella and Bobby, who adore people but can become territorial around other dogs. You're welcome to bring in your fur baby to meet BellaBob, but please let us know in advance.

Children of all ages are welcome at BeautyBar. However, if you bring an underage guest into the salon, please make sure they are supervised. If your guest disrupts others, we'll politely ask you to reschedule your appointment.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your appointments are very important to us. We hold your appointments just for you & ask that if you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, please provide us with 24 hours' notice. This way, our staff can adjust their schedules accordingly & can accommodate clients on our waiting list. In order to provide first-class service to all our clients, we will enforce our cancellation policy as follows:

Notification given at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time will receive no charges.

Notification given less than 24 hours prior to your appointment time will result in a charge of 50% of the reserved service amount.

We understand unavoidable issues do arise & we will do our best to work with you in case of an emergency.

What should I do if I'll be late to my appointment?

If you will be late for an appointment, we appreciate a call or text us before your appointment time. If we're not notified in advance, your appointment will be canceled 10 minutes past the appointment time as a no-show and we'll require a 50% deposit for your next booking. Thank you for making every effort to help us keep our salon's appointments flowing efficiently.

Do you guarantee your work?

Our team of highly skilled artists are dedicated to producing exceptional work and take great pride in the quality of their services. This is why we confidently offer a 7-day guarantee on all our nail enhancement services.

If you encounter any issues with the quality of your nails within the first 7 days of your appointment, please inform us, and we will address the issue at no additional cost to you. We stand by our work and want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the result.

Please note that accidental breakage is not covered under this guarantee. However, if you experience any quality issues, simply inform us within the 7-day window, and we will arrange for a repair appointment.

Do you repair work created by other salons?

Although we prefer not to fix work created by other salons, we do so quite often. Each nail salon or specialist employs unique techniques and processes when crafting nail enhancements, which requires us to identify the products and application methods employed by the previous salon before safely addressing any issues with the nails. This complexity adds to the challenge of our job, yet we seldom decline repair requests unless the nails are unhealthy. Once repair clients witness our gentle and meticulous approach, they usually book for future appointments.

Do you offer salon packages?

Absolutely! We’re delighted to offer special salon packages tailored just for you. Dive into our Mani/Pedi/Facial packages for a truly pampering experience that rejuvenates from head to toe. Looking for something more? Our 6-packs and 12-packs of your favorite services like manicures come with great discounts, making it easier for you to enjoy more of what you love. For more details on our packages and to see the full range of options, please visit our Packs page.

Can you tell me more about your memberships?

We’re thrilled to offer our Community Membership, designed to bring you closer to our salon family while providing exclusive benefits. As a Community Member, you’ll enjoy special discounts, priority booking, and invitations to members-only events. It’s a fantastic way to stay connected and pampered! For more info, please visit our Membership page.

For those interested in unlimited access to our services, we offer an Unlimited Membership as well. We believe this option deserves a personal touch to fully explore all it entails, including tailored benefits to suit your needs. Please visit us or schedule a consultation to discuss the Unlimited Membership in person. We’re here to ensure you find the perfect fit for your beauty and wellness journey.

Why do 1000s of clients return regularly to BeautyBar over the past 9 years?

It all comes down to trust, something that's deeply ingrained in everything we do.

We understand your commitment to self-care, and that's why we're your trusted partner on this journey. Here are a few commitments we've made with you in nurturing your well-being:

Unwavering Excellence: We're all about maintaining top-notch quality. Operating by appointment only ensures that every visit guarantees the same exceptional service. We're dedicated to exceeding our own high standards, giving you consistency you can count on.

Trusted Connection: Our bond goes beyond business. It's built on trust, reliability, and genuine care. We cherish the relationships we've nurtured over time. When families trust us across generations, it's a testament to the depth of our connection.

Constant Growth: We're great listeners. Your feedback is pivotal in our evolution. We're dedicated to enhancing our services continually. Our team stays abreast of trends, dedicating themselves to refining your salon experience. Your investment ensures an ever-improving journey towards self-care.

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How much do you charge for nail art designs?

We offer customized pricing for nail art designs based on their complexity. For a simple design on two nails, prices start at $6. For more complex designs, please send us a text message with a photo of the design, and we'll provide you with a personalized price quote.

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Do you have many colors to choose from?

We have an extensive and ever-expanding collection of colors. Presently, we provide over 600 lacquer colors, 1000 gel polish colors, 300 Japanese gel polish colors, and 600 dipping powder colors.

Do you have nail stickers or nail charms?

Although we're known for our hand-painted designs, we also offer a variety of decals and charms that can either complement a hand-painted design or help you create a unique design of your own.

Do you offer gift cards for special occasions?

We offer gift cards for any occasion and in any desired amount. You can purchase a gift card by either visiting our salon or by logging into your account.

How do I avoid damaging my natural nails when I get my nails done?

Nail enhancements and products don't cause damage to your nails. However, improper application or removal can destroy your natural nails. Properly removing nail enhancements requires gentle care and adequate time. To ensure the safety and health of your nails, we set aside ample time to carefully and gently remove gel polish (30min), dip powder (30min), Gel-X (30min), acrylic (45min), and hard gel (60min). Your real nails should look this healthy immediately after removal.

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How do I keep my nails healthy?

Read on to learn more about maintaining perfect natural nails. We're committed to keeping our clients informed about all aspects of nail care, so we created a blog to provide helpful tips and facts and dispel old myths.

I want to get a full set but only have an hour of time, is that possible?

Although it's possible, we choose not to provide rushed services. Unlike many other nail salons that prioritize profits over quality, BeautyBar places emphasis on delivering exceptional work and establishing genuine connections with our clients. We allow ample time for our services to guarantee superior results and will never compromise our values for the sake of expediency or financial gain.

How long have you been doing nails, waxing, and facials?

BeautyBar has been in operation since 2015. Our team of experts has over 80 years of collective experience in providing top-notch services in nail care, hair removal, and facial skin care. While experience is a valuable asset, we don't rely on it alone. We're constantly exploring and incorporating new trends and products to offer our clients added value.

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